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I don’t even know if I can write words deemed worthy enough for the amount of cuteness that Monty beholds.  Seriously, is he not the most squishable, loveable, huggable, squeezable muffin in all the land?  I think I died a little bit when I first saw him.

He is a new addition to a family of Maltese (Abby & Lily) who, in fact, had their annual holiday session a few weeks ago and I’m so terrible I haven’t had time to post some updated photos of those two lovely girls.  But trust me, the trio is dyno-mite!  So, Abby & Lily had their session and then I’m notified by their parents that Monty’s face apparently got the best of them during an adoption day at the pet supply store.  Poof!  And then there were three.  :-)

I really couldn’t be happier because I got to play with him and he pretty much rocked my puppy world.  A dachshund mix (could be a little wire terrier, could be a little schnauzer) with that awesome wire-ey puff snout that resembles the cutest looking toilet brush you ever would see, he’s got a huge personality.*

He’s super playful but very attentive.  He absolutely loves his teeny tiny toys and will go all terrier and dig for treats if they’re somewhere hidden.  He’s a giant snuggler and I totally took advantage of that by swaddling him in everything…including a fluffy scarf.  He’s amazing!  He’s a perfect companion and you just cannot get enough of his expressions, it’s ridiculous. I am so happy I was able to photograph him and so happy he got adopted that day!  He’s going to have to hold his own with both girls in the house but I think he’ll do just fine.  He’s got the charm and the looks.  ;-)

*Another client of mind referred to her dog’s snout as a toilet brush so I must give her credit here for that awesome visual.