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Bad Blogger!

I know, I KNOW.  I’ve been a very naughty blogger, facebooker and general upkeeper of my goings on this year…and a half.  Like, really naughty.  And, it’s been so long that I couldn’t just post anything without explaining my apparent trip off of the planet. I’ll try and keep it short (I know what you’re thinking if you’ve seen me in person, very funny.)

If you’re not already in the loop, my background is in the film and television industry and the south has been kinda happenin’ with regards to the movies and shows we have filming in the region.  So…at the start of 2011 I was called upon to flex my skills in that arena.

And, while it may sound crazy that one would sign up for 18 hour days, tasked with accomplishing the impossible (you don’t realize you did that until it’s over and you say “holy crap, yay us!”), that’s what the business is all about and I kind of love it for that reason.  The people (and animals!) you meet, the things you learn (oh, so much random trivia) and the hard-working and talented team that goes through it with you makes it all pretty amazing.

Therefore, when a movie led to a TV pilot, led to a TV show, led to another movie (away from home), I simply couldn’t say no. Along with my adoration for photographing animals, the production business is also my cat’s meow. I’ve been blocking available time for clients whenever my schedule permits and I’ve met so many fabulous four-legged friends this year! But what with the hours and the traveling and the lovely bags under my eyes, it just hasn’t left me ample time to blog and go on the facey-spacey.

Please forgive me for my web absence and know that I feel an obscene amount of guilt (it’s in my genes, I can’t help it.) about it. So, if it seems I’ve disappeared without a trace, I really haven’t.  I’m just trying to balance the working and traveling with the decompressing and, if I’m lucky, a little family time here and there. :)

Thank you for understanding and continued support!


Rainy {orlando, fl pet photography}

The other day I went down to the bakery and picked up the most delicious cupcake!  Her name is Rainy and she brings sunshine and sugar wherever she goes.

0040Rainy is a Boxer/PitBull mix that sees the good in EVERYTHING.  I checked all the bones in her body and there’s not a bad one to be found.  Remarkable, because her story is this:  About 3 1/2 years ago someone dumped her at the vet with injuries sustained from a dog fight.  And, there they left her…until someone offered to take her while they found her a home.  Her Dad, Eric, was asked to watch her for three months and we all know how those stories end…with a  name, a toy, a loving family and a perfectly awesome photo session.


Among Rainy’s favorite things are cookies, Fleet Peeple’s Park, skateboarding with her Dad, more cookies and totally rocking her photo session.  She is sweet, kind, totally easy-going and game for whatever you want to do.  Seriously, up for anything.




She even sent me a card after our session and I had to share it because it made me laugh, smile and brought a giant dollop of sunshine to another whole day.  THANK YOU, RAINY!!  XOXOXO!!RainyThankyou

Bond. {Oviedo horse photography}

James Bond.  Yes, like the Ian Fleming character, he likes to remain coy, mysterious and playfully elusive.  Any other animal I would say was camera shy.  It was clear this was not the case.  It was all a big game.  He had total control of the session (which took place at the GORGEOUS Barrett Farm in Oviedo) and we all knew it- ha ha!


I was trained fairly easily by his behavior modification techniques and I caught on very quickly to the rules of the game.  I am an apt pupil.  Within minutes Bond had me wrapped around his hoof.  He knows how to command a paddock and how to win the hearts of the ladies.  He’s a majestic beauty (he know this too) with a tender soul and a jester’s sense of humor.



He enjoyed playing hard-to-get for the camera and took great amusement in watching me follow the path he laid out, which I traversed obligingly.  He is outstanding.  :-)



And, along with the delicious fruits and vegetables he indulges  in (or snatches right out of his Mom’s pocket!) he most thoroughly enjoys his peppermints.  Yes!  One of the highlights of my time spent with him was listening to him crunch on his peppermint candies.  Oh my gosh, I could seriously make a soundtrack of that sound to start my every morning with.  “Kukklargh kukkleargh”.  Okay, I’m no master of of onomatopoeia but if you’ve never heard a horse crunch on peppermints please add that to your bucket list.0056

Bond, you created an atmosphere for an entertaining afternoon and were the reason for all the smiles and laughter that day.  The complex personality you possess intrigues me and the amount of attention you manage to command is completely validated.  You are pure awesome.  :-)   Thank you.  And, thank you Suzanne, for  bringing me back to meet Bond.  The pleasure was all mine.  :-)

Forrest – Kissimmee FL pet photography

- Kissimmee, FL pet photography -


Okay, I don’t even know where to start with Forrest.  He is so (insert favorite expletive here) adorable in so many ways.  I didn’t know whether to smother myself in his fleece-ey fur or laugh at his pitifully hilarious attitude.


He so wants to please and were he in grade school, he’d be taken advantage of in every elementary prankster kind of way.  I just wanted to hug him and protect him from bullies… and then totally make fun of him so I could have the laughs all to myself.  (I never bullied anyone in grade school, just so we’re clear.  I’m five feet tall, it would have been impossible.)

If I were to pick a famous-ish person that he embodied, it would actually be the character “Chris” from Family Guy (Chris is my favorite character – hee hee). Endearingly naive yet so common sense, sympathetic to all and never wanting to hurt a fly.  Forrest.  Is.  Awesome.


Oh, by the way…Bridget, since you must be reading this….SURPRISE!!! We’ve not met, but I love your dog.  You also have an awesome sister who knew you’d appreciate these photos of your little man.  And, I am so happy  she booked his session because I left with such a smile on my face.  Working with him was pretty rad.  He’s having a blast on his Florida vacation and Diana is such a cool Aunt (although, I’m pretty sure you already knew that.)


Forrest2Forrest, my dear, thank you for being everything you are…including patient with the crazy lady with the camera.  Your eyes are like Werther’s candy and your soul could light up the world.  xoxo

Rajah – Orlando FL pet photography

- Orlando, FL pet photography -


Last week (on what the weather clearly indicated was the middle of July, based on the humidity) I spent an exquisite morning with Rajah, a 3.5 year-old Golden Doodle.  She’s delightfully complex and first in line for good old-fashioned fun.  She was, however, quite concerned about having her photo taken in the beginning…worried about having a bad hair day with the humidity and all… (models, I know.)

Rajah2But we had a talk, girl-to-girl, wherein I explained to her that it’s utterly impossible for her to look anything but gorgeous.  I showed her a few shots and she agreed.  It was on.  And she worked it, baby!  Providing me with moves and character Heidi Klum would kill for, Rajah made me laugh and click that shutter way too much for my own good.  :-)



She’s independent but needs to have the comforts of family nearby and she’s a prize beauty, but she’s no girlie-girl.  A roll in the wet grass, a good game of fetch, a speed derby around the yard…those things drive her and put that doodle-ey smile on her face.  :-)


I had an amazing time with her and her family.  Mom, Dad and the Grandparents all cheered her on and were a delight to hang out with.  Thank you Becca, Jason, Marc & Marianne for an awesome morning.  Such a wonderful, welcoming bunch you are…it’s no wonder Rajah turned out so ultra fabulous! :-)


Dog Day Afternoon + Photohound = Awesome Shortie Sessions!

Dog Day Web Promo - 2010

I’m so thrilled to join Dog Day Afternoon again for Dog Day Shorties!  Because I prefer to shoot in a more photojournalist style, allowing my clients the freedom of expressing themselves, I rarely ever offer “pet photo days”.  Because Dog Day is so great and understands what goes into creating the imagery I pride myself on,  they let me do it my way and for that, I will show up any time.  :-)   At both Dog Day locations, I get to work one-on-one with your pride and joy in a private area, just for us.  The birds tweeting, the breeze blowing, it’s my kind of Pet Photo Day.  THANK YOU, DOG DAY!  I’m looking forward to meeting all those wonderful doggies!

TO BOOK YOUR “DOG DAY SHORTIE” contact Dog Day Afternoon

Sanford Location (October 12th)  407.328.9205

Orlando Location (October 14th) 407.835.9200


Feel free to contact me  :-)


The perks of being a dog photographer…

Dogipot marketing 2

I got a lot of crap from my client yesterday, after our shoot.

(I honest-to-dog wrote this blog post just so I could use that line…because that’s how much of a total dork I am.)  I’ll explain.  When you’re a fashion photographer, I imagine the stars may align at some point where you walk away from a shoot wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos or carrying an awesome wallet or some other crazy sample that you photographed that day.  I am not that fashion photographer.  I am a dog photographer.

Hence, the five piles of poop I cradled in my arms on the way to the car yesterday after my shoot.  And here’s the disturbing part.  I was SO EXCITED!  Before you start thinking I’ve lost it and have embarked on an inappropriate rant while opening the exit hatch and sliding away, I must emphasize that this post is (as you’ll see) like any other where I talk about how amazing my client is.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with DOGIPOT for a commercial shoot of their products.  I’m sure you’re familiar with DOGIPOT, whether you know it or not.  (If you’re walking your dog and you need to um…trail behind them and collect souvenirs, you’ve probably dropped those trinkets in a receptacle that DOGIPOT makes, with a bag from the same great folks.)

I cannot say enough how wonderful it was to work with such an amazing, kind, organized, fun, relaxed-yet-professional group of people.  I was floored.  From the staff to the model to the dog (which was hired via an amazing response through the Photohound facebook page) it went PERFECT.  And, thank you Mother Nature for the awesome weather and slight drop in humidity.  I owe you.

Anyway, among the awesome swag and fun gifts I was provided after we wrapped (again, such nice people!) were five piles of fake dog poo which they humorously hand out at trade shows.  So funny!  And, disturbed little me, I was so darn excited about it.  I showed them to everyone afterwards.  I did.  Because that’s just the kind of strange little person I am. (Strange enough to also photograph them, adding yet another outlet of toilet humor to the internet.)   But, I have to say something here, in my defense.  Here’s how it went.

ME:  (holding a pile of poo) “I have a present for you”

ANYONE I DID THIS TO:  “Eww.  What is that?”

ME:   (uncontrollably giggling, proving I clearly have the mental maturity of a 10 year old boy.) “Poop!  I did a shoot for a doggie waste company today and blah, blah, blah.  Isn’t that funny?”

ANYONE I DID THIS TO:  “Gross.  Well what’s it made out of, can you eat it?”

Really?  Eat it?  And I’m the joker who carries a piece of poop around in her purse, showing it to people.  Why would you want to eat it, even if it was edible?  Now, that’s gross.  I never expected that would be the next question in people’s minds.  That’s like that baby shower game where you melt a bunch of candy bars in a diaper and the other girls have to guess what candy bar it is by eating what’s in the diaper.  I CANNOT PLAY THAT GAME because I simply can’t eat melted chocolate out of a diaper, it will make me sick.  As far as social research goes, I found that response I encountered interesting and oddly, felt I should share.  (Yeah, if you ever come back to my blog again, I’ll say in advance…thanks for hangin’ in there.)

So, I have all sorts of plans for my fake poo and I’m making lists of people whom I can’t wait to play practical jokes on.  In the meantime, be a lovely and pick up your dog’s waste and drop it in a DOGIPOT receptacle, keeping our parks wonderful places to hang out.  Thanks again DOGIPOT!!!!  :-)

Dogipot marketingStill Life With Poop

2010 HOLIDAY CARDS ARE HERE!!! { The Tiddlywinks Series by photohound }

A little Mad Men, a little shabby chic, the Tiddlywinks Series mixes the modern D.I.Y. feel with the fun colors and nostalgic vibe of a time when slinkys reigned and chemistry sets contained radioactive uranium.  ;-)   Custom-designed, press-printed cards come in packs of 25 with white envelopes.  Choose one design per pack ($75+tax and shipping), your favorite photos to fit, and purchase directly from your online proofing gallery with your Visa or MC.  All card orders must be placed by November 12th to ensure delivery by December 6th.  If you haven’t booked your session yet and need photographs (for those cards you know you want) now is the time.  I repeat, now is the time.  :-)






Liberty, Skippy & Josie

- Leesburg, FL pet photography -

0124When I get a call to photograph a trio of Jack Russell Terriers, I know it’s going to be an eventful day.  And it was.  In the most DELIGHTFUL way!  The sun going down was what literally pulled me away from this wonderful family.  I could have nuzzled in those snouts for a whole week, what with all the love and kindness provided by these dogs.  I’ll begin with Miss Liberty Bell, as it was this little lady that brought me over this day.


Liberty Bell (born on the fourth of July, no joke) is an 8-year old dynamo.  She’s been battling canine lymphoma for almost two years and visiting AVS in Maitland for care.  However, during our session, you’d never guess she gave a second thought about it.  She was her perky inquisitive self and the dynamic leader of her pack (there’s a definite and respected hierarchy, it’s pretty awesome to witness.)  She embraces her “Peacemaker” nickname like a professional girl scout and when you’re in her presence, it’s nothing short of bliss.  She’s spoiled rotten (deservingly so) and the kindest princess you’ll ever bow down to.

0025She loves her wardrobe…flowers, pearls, bikinis (I know!), she’s a fashion diva and there’s no doubt about it.  It’s rare but sometimes you work with dogs who simply adore accessorizing and Liberty was most definitely one of them.  I’m not one to make a habit of clothing dogs but I can honestly say, as a true witness, she. loves. it.  She is a shining star and as far as personality goes, what most of us only wish to be.  Gracious, yet respected.  A natural mediator and leader.  A heart the knows no limit and a soul without boundaries.


Skippy, the middle child (in stance, not age) is an old soul.  No doubt about it. You see it in his eyes.  Looking into them  immediately provides peace, strength and widsom.  His distinguishing grey hairs and unamused attitude makes you giggle in a way that only does when you’re told to be serious.  You can’t help but crack a smile.

0071He loves lounging in his lair underneath the coffee table.  He misses no opportunity to boss Josie around (and begrudgingly retreats when Liberty sticks up for her).  And he likes taking control of the toys unless there’s a lizard within a two-mile radius.  Once outdoors he’s on the hunt and he doesn’t kid around.


Unleash the terrier within and you’ll witness the unstoppable determination he possesses.  He has his own personal tunnel in the yard which provides an acceptable hunting ground.  He digs.  He waits.  He digs some more.  His little Skippy butt reaches new heights and he has a blast, always getting three last inspections before he’s forced to return to the comforts of the carpet inside.



Josie is the baby of the family, born with one ear always-a-listenin’.  She loves her snacks and all the attention she can get.  But she’s content to sit and wait her turn to be acknowledged when it comes to having her picture taken.

0103She’s spunky and sprite, kind and patient.  Hang around her and you’ll notice how observant she is too.  Her mind just likes to soak things up and learn, closely picking up the ways of the world from her siblings.



0138 A child-like innocence with a wild-hair streak makes her so fun to be around.  She’s a social butterfly and not one to hang back but always respects those around her, especially Liberty and Skippy.  I adore her.  Thank you Geiger family for a wonderful afternoon!


- Casselberry, FL pet photography -


Although I’m pleased to say that the majority of my clients are adopted from shelters and rescue groups, and I’ve never met one that would come close to that lame stereotype of “damaged goods”, I sometimes find it worthy of noting when someone is a rescue just to remind everyone that they are awesome.  Gemma is no exception.



A ‘Morkie’ (Maltese/Yorkie), Miss Gemma captured the heart of her Mom when Mom met her perched on the back of the foster’s sofa.  With those button eyes and salt-pepper fur that twirls around an amazing personality, it took 1.5 seconds to realize she was coming home.


A perfect match had been made as both Gemma and her Mom are fun, adventurous, surrounded by wonderful energy and are fabulous to hang out with.  I could’ve stayed there through breakfast lunch and dinner but instead I left with smile that lasted for days.  Thank you Gemma, Judith and Fairy Dog Mother Susan.